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Lynn Valance Illustrationen & Joy Valance Photogra

Lynn & Joy Valance
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Aida Durut

Textile production for young & aspiring fashion labels as well as a platform for creative projects and crosscultural exchange.

Dec.13th has it’s headquaters in Zürich and provides business development and customer support for the production site in Banja Luka. Staff memebers with Bosnian roots brought up and educated in western hemispheres translate customers needs into flexible solutions in a dynamic environment living up to Swiss quality standards.

Initial collaborations started out organically, without business plans or strict goals. We trusted that our dedication to the respective productions would show in quality and assure us with balanced growth. And time seems to be proving us right since we have been developing constantly and expanding our business successfully.

We understand ourselves as a learning organisation cultivating flat hierarchies, intercultural exchanges, support for creative ideas as well as constant refinement of the craft in close collaboration with our customers.

Our approach to work is rather quite simple; we don’t believe in dressing up in order to go to an 8 to 5 job from Monday to Friday. We prefer our work to be part of our every day lives, and everyone who’s ever been involved in producing textile will probably attest that there needs to be a good deal of love - maybe even obsession - involved.

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